Creative Apps | Our Story
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Who We Are
Team Members Developers – Designers – Cartoonists – Editors – Social Media Optimisation Specialists- Founders
Established 2014
Industries Technology – Healthcare  Nutrition – Education – Publishing – Non-profit – Fashion  – Art and Design
Office Location Beirut- Lebanon
What We Do

Digital innovation is our passion. We create remarkable user experiences for client applications across all devices

We help businesses win in the new digital age by creating winning digital experiences.

Start-up Product Strategy

Enterprise Software Development

UI/UX Design

Mobile App Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Management and optimisation

Quality Assurance

Maintenance & Support

How We Do it

Understanding user needs across learning platforms, from e-learning to instructional design

Fusing the creativity of expert graphic design with the functionality of UX design

Developing for the web, Android, and iOS to work in the environments that work for your end-users

Driving e-commerce that works based on testing and validation of the platform and user needs

Our approach

How do we start?


We ask you questions in order to establish mutually agreed targets and to align our team with yours. Then, we start thinking of creative solutions.

What happens next


We take into account your priorities, resources, and your timeline to generate a plan to deliver on time and within budget.

We are highly experienced in both Waterfall and Scrum methodologies to build products with pre-defined feature sets.

For projects based on “outcome” rather than “output”, we use an Agile framework based on user and market testing to define the core functionality necessary for the desired outcome. We then build the application, focusing on generating and implementing one set of core features at a time.

Ok, then what?


After finalising the plan, we segment all the information into high-level diagrams which we run by you and your team. Then we prepare detailed wireframes for each view of your website or application based on these diagrams.

Once the wireframes are approved, it will be translated into active digital platforms. We make sure to respect your brand aesthetic/guidelines

And after our team loves the design?


We develop and implement what will become your product. Our development philosophy is holistic: we can create solutions for any language, technical stack, and platform you want. OUR solutions are based on YOUR needs. .

Prior to launch, we make sure all the elements of your products are optimised and we work with your team to deploy your application to Google Play, the iTunes App Store, and your website.

Thank you for doing business with Creative Apps  

And worry not, you will always have our technical support and maintence.